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Egyptian Christians Killed After President’s Ouster

Egyptian Christians Killed After President’s Ouster

From my article in Christianity Today, published July 9, describing both Christians and Muslims killed in a worrisome escalation of violence. But this excerpt concerns another matter for Christians in particular: Should they have joined the revolt in the first place, on Biblical grounds? Bishop Mouneer also called the [military] action an answer to prayer, … Continue reading

Stop Murdering Terrorists

From Christianity Today, in an interview with Brother Andrew of Open Doors: Not long ago of course Osama bin Laden was assassinated, and the whole world rejoiced. Thousands have died in drone assaults. What is your response to such killing? I have been speaking in meetings in America, and part of my sermon was, “Have … Continue reading

Egyptian Christians Face the Future Under New Islamist Law

Egyptian Christians Face the Future Under New Islamist Law

From my new article on Christianity Today, published December 28, 2012: Egyptian Christians spent this year’s Advent season awaiting more than the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Christmas Day dawned with Copts still processing the rushed passage of a new Islamist-backed constitution and its implications. Days before voting began on the hastily completed charter—which, despite only … Continue reading

Muslim Creativity Comes to Church in Alexandria

This article was first posted on Christianity Today on July 19, 2012. Alexandria, Egypt, was once a lighthouse for Christianity, emanating from the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Now it is a stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood and the even more conservative Salafi Muslims. So a Christian opening a cultural center for Muslim and … Continue reading

Write-Ups in the Run-Up to the Run-Off

Egyptians vote today, but I am having trouble deciding if I wish or am able to make a prediction (especially after the last disaster). I think probably I will, but my mind is still spinning from recent events, so in all likelihood I’ll wait until tomorrow and gauge the mood after day one. In the … Continue reading

How MB-Evangelical Dialogue Began

On February 28, 2012 the leaders of the Evangelical Churches of Egypt met with the Muslim Brotherhood, and produced a document delineating the shared values of both organizations. About a month ago I posted the text of this agreement online. Today, my article was published on Christianity Today, drawing out from leaders on both sides … Continue reading

Christianity Today on Pope Shenouda

Just a short post today to direct to the article I contributed to Christianity Today on why the death of Pope Shenouda is also mourned by Egypt’s Protestants. If you click on the link above today you will see it highlighted as the lead story. Afterwards, please click here for the permanent link. I hope … Continue reading