Posted in August 2010

Legality, Appropriateness, and Engagement

Today Glen Beck led a rally in Washington, DC on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech. In fact, today was the anniversary of that speech, which came to symbolize the struggle and eventual triumph of the civil rights movement. Beck denied he … Continue reading

Bureaucracy and a Baby

A few days ago, I remembered something just before falling asleep.  I’m so glad I did because who knows what problems it would have caused in September when we try to travel to the states for a few weeks.  I remembered that we needed to get our 10-week old baby girl, Layla, an Egyptian entry … Continue reading

Islam and the West: A Personal Reflection

Note: This post today was originally written in February of 2010, but never published on the blog, only at Arab West Report. I was reminded of it by the controversy in recent weeks concerning the proposed Muslim community center / mosque at Ground Zero. The leader of the project visited Egypt several months ago, and … Continue reading


Tonight I attended the weekly service at the local international evangelical church.  We attend there sporadically, maybe once every three months, as we have been worshipping at the Orthodox Church, hoping to learn more and participate in the primary church of Egypt. Since it was the first Sunday of the month, as is typical in … Continue reading

CNN on Egypt

Here’s a short post to draw your attention to a video CNN has just produced on a figure named Mohamed el-Baradei. He is the Egyptian former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and is now taking a lead role in the push for ‘change’ in his homeland. He is touted as a presidential candidate … Continue reading

Anniversary Stats Abroad

Aug. 10, 2010 marks eight years of wedded bliss for Jayson and me.  We’ve always liked to say that we’re still on our honeymoon, and like both sets of my grandparents, we are aiming for about 65 years of marriage.  One set lived almost their entire life in the same town; the other has lived … Continue reading

Hannah’s Thumb

Our two year old, Hannah, is a thumb-sucker.  She started this habit around the age of three months.  She was a fussy baby in general, and she fought for awhile to find her thumb.  And when she did, it calmed her a bit.  She looked so cute sucking her left thumb while sleeping.  And it … Continue reading