Regional Recap

Two of the best blogs for Egyptian and Arab world analysis are run by Issandr el-Amrani, called The Arabist, and Nervana Mahmoud, called Nervana.  One of their regular services is to provide an update of links to other articles and reports from the internet, which they have allowed me to re-post here. The links and commentary are, of course, their own.

Please enjoy. From Nervana:

Top Headlines

  • Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia reach agreement on next steps for dam technical studies
  • Egypt’s Sisi orders Gaza border opened throughout the month of Ramadan
  • Egypt opens four North Sinai hospitals to the rising number of Palestinian protesters wounded by Israeli forces in Gaza
  • Sudan has summoned Egypt’s ambassador to complain about a TV series
  • ‘Sinai Province’ set up underground camps in Ismailia to train foreign militants
  • Egypt’s Sisi pardons 332 prisoners including youths and poor health conditions
  • Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of London gives prayer at UK’s royal wedding

 Main Headlines








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