Regional Recap

Two of the best blogs for Egyptian and Arab world analysis are run by Issandr el-Amrani, called The Arabist, and Nervana Mahmoud, called Nervana.  One of their regular services is to provide an update of links to other articles and reports from the internet, which they have allowed me to re-post here. The links and commentary are, of course, their own.

Please enjoy. From Nervana:

Top Headlines

  • Several armed attacks in Egypt’s Sinai
  • Egypt extends state of emergency for three months
  • Coptic priest stabbed to death in Egypt
  • Egypt loses in UNESCO runoff vote to French candidate

Main Headlines


  • Sisi rewards each player of football team LE1.5 million for qualifying for World Cup
  • Fatah and Hamas delegations meet in Cairo in order to push towards reconciliation
  • Egypt to construct two ports in disputed Halayeb Triangle with Sudan







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