Regional Recap

Two of the best blogs for Egyptian and Arab world analysis are run by Issandr el-Amrani, called The Arabist, and Nervana Mahmoud, called Nervana.  One of their regular services is to provide an update of links to other articles and reports from the internet, which they have allowed me to re-post here. The links and commentary are, of course, their own.

Please enjoy. From Nervana:

Top Headlines

  • Saudi Arabia and Egypt agree to a $10 billion deal to build a new mega city
  • Saudi Crown Prince meets Coptic Pope Tawadros II at Coptic Orthodox Church in Cairo
  • Saudi crown prince winds up trip to Egypt with a mosque visit
  • Eni sells stake in Egypt’s Zohr gasfield to the UAE-based investment fund Mubadala
  • Egypt army says 16 extremely dangerous jihadists are killed in Sinai operation
  • Egypt’s chief spy and Qatar’s top diplomat in Khartoum for separate talks with Sudanese officials
  • Egyptian prosecutors seek death sentence for photographer Shawakan


MBS and Pope

MBS becomes first Saudi Crown Prince to visit Cathedral & meet Coptic Pope in Egypt. Photo via al-Arabiya


Main Headlines




  • Egyptian Cabinet approves agreement to establish $7 billion Russian Industrial Zone in East Port Said
  • Egypt receives last $1.15 billion from World Bank series of loans
  • Egypt’s SIS hands BBC ‘protest note’ over report alleging torture, forced disappearances in Egypt
  • Egyptian prosecutors seek death sentencefor photographer Shawakan


  • Egyptian court dismisses last corruption case against Mubarak-era steel tycoon Ahmed Ezz
  • Egypt dismisses UN human rights criticism as “baseless”


  • Cairo denies reports that 100 Egyptians were deported from Germany
  • Disappeared leftist activists Gamal Abdel Fattah and Hassan Hussein brought before State Security Prosecution for interrogations
  • Sudan proposes joint-military force with Egypt to protect borders



 Interesting Reports

  • Egypt and Sudan: Diplomatic pacification, unresolved affairs. Mada Masr
  • Grappling with forms of justice: Combating sexual violence in civil society. Dina Makram Edeid
  • Will Egypt’s Mubarak-era National Democratic Party make a comeback? Sonia Farid
  • All you need you know about Egypt’s plans for new Saudi mega city NEOM. Al-Arabiya
  • Egypt launches unprecedented crackdown on media ahead of Sis re-election bid. France 24

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