Regional Recap

Two of the best blogs for Egyptian and Arab world analysis are run by Issandr el-Amrani, called The Arabist, and Nervana Mahmoud, called Nervana.  One of their regular services is to provide an update of links to other articles and reports from the internet, which they have allowed me to re-post here. And without a blog, Paul Attallah does similarly, integrating his own analysis. The links and commentary are, of course, their own.

Please enjoy. From Nervana:

Top Headlines

  • Italy to return its ambassador to Cairo, ending standoff over murdered student
  • US military will take part in a joint military exercise with Egypt for the first time since the toppling of Mubarak in 2011
  • Hamas commander killed in ISIS suicide bombing at Rafah crossing
  • Calls for gender equality in inheritance is ‘against Islamic teachings,’ says Egypt’s Al-Azhar
  • Striking Mahalla workers suspend 2-week strike after company pledges to provide response to their demands
  • German-backed Arabic website blocked is blocked by Egypt
  • Daily News Egypt to be taken over by state run newspaper
  • Student allegedly detained by Egypt’s army forces appears in new ISIS video


Main Headlines








Good Reports

  • Israel pushes security ties while Cairo and Amman embassies sit empty. Akiva Eldar
  • Egypt could help Israel get rid of its gas excess. The Economist
  • Why was an Italian graduate student tortured and murdered in Egypt? And an Italian response to the piece: No ‘explosive’ evidence on Regeni.

Good Read

  • A beauty queen help Israel’s Egyptian community find its voice. Haisam Hassenein



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