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Contemplating a Terrorist Strike

Jayson and I attended St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church here in Maadi, Egypt on Coptic Christmas Eve.  This is not so unusual, as it is the main church we attend weekly, but this particular night was a little different.  You may have heard in the news about the suicide bomber who attacked a Coptic Church … Continue reading

How Many Days of Christmas?

The Christmas season is upon us and we are enjoying watching Emma and Hannah learn about the Christmas story.  We are doing a few new things this year with them in mind, and it’s been fun to watch.  At the same time, I wonder what confusion they may be experiencing, particularly with the “days of … Continue reading

Stopped by a Policeman

The other day I rode a microbus.  It’s not something I do too often, but there are certain places I go which are on a microbus route so I choose this cheapest option when I can.  On this particular day, I was going to the Carrefour Express market located in nearby “New Maadi.”  The cost … Continue reading

Control Freak

Jayson and I had a conversation the other day which confirmed something I had been thinking about for awhile.  He’s been taking the girls to preschool some mornings, and they told me that when they ride the taxi with him, Hannah sits next to the door in the back seat.  However, when they ride with … Continue reading

Slaughter and Laughter

  I never realized how close in spelling those two words were until just now when I wrote them.  Interesting, huh? I chose this title after walking down a busy street here in a poorer section of Maadi.  This is the season of the Holiday of the Sacrifice, when Muslims who can afford it slaughter … Continue reading

Out on the Island

Last week we had a fun opportunity with a small group from the Coptic Church in Maadi.  I have been attending a “family Sunday school” class which consists mostly of women.  This class meets during the time Emma and Hannah are in their Sunday school class, and it is conveniently located in the same building.  … Continue reading

The Concept of Time

The other day I called a doctor’s office to make an appointment for Emma.  The receptionist asked if I would like a morning appointment or an afternoon appointment.  I thought an afternoon appointment could be as late as 4:30 or 5 which would work well after their naps so I asked for an afternoon appointment. … Continue reading

A New Wife

Some of you who have been following our blog may remember some of the stories we’ve told about our doorman and his family.  When we moved into our first apartment in Maadi, our doorman’s wife was just recovering from having a brain tumor removed.  That didn’t stop her from inviting us to dinner! (click here)  … Continue reading

Twenty-One Days in America (part two)

For Part One, click here. Emma and Hannah had been excited and preparing for this wedding for months.  They were to be the flower girls, later deemed, “wedding princesses.”  They were excited about wearing white dresses and pink bows and dancing.  Granted, they had never been to an American wedding before, so didn’t know what … Continue reading

Twenty-One Days in America

Our eagerly anticipated trip to the States to see family and friends and participate in Jayson’s brother’s wedding has come and gone.  It was a wonderful time in so many ways, but I am reminded of the challenges of traveling with three small children as I reflect back on those three weeks. To write all … Continue reading


As I sat in the middle of the baby pool the other day, and let my daughters and some other kids pour water over my head and giggle with delight, I thought to myself, “Ah, this is the life.  My kids are happy.  I am making other kids happy.  Today I am a good mom.”  … Continue reading

Ramadan Wanderings

It was 11pm and I had 40,000 Egyptian pounds (approx. $8000) in my bag sitting on the seat beside me in the taxi, which was stuck in traffic.  This was another night out during Ramadan. Having three young children, I don’t go out much after dark as their bed time is 8pm.  But during the … Continue reading


Tonight I attended the weekly service at the local international evangelical church.  We attend there sporadically, maybe once every three months, as we have been worshipping at the Orthodox Church, hoping to learn more and participate in the primary church of Egypt. Since it was the first Sunday of the month, as is typical in … Continue reading

Anniversary Stats Abroad

Aug. 10, 2010 marks eight years of wedded bliss for Jayson and me.  We’ve always liked to say that we’re still on our honeymoon, and like both sets of my grandparents, we are aiming for about 65 years of marriage.  One set lived almost their entire life in the same town; the other has lived … Continue reading

Hannah’s Thumb

Our two year old, Hannah, is a thumb-sucker.  She started this habit around the age of three months.  She was a fussy baby in general, and she fought for awhile to find her thumb.  And when she did, it calmed her a bit.  She looked so cute sucking her left thumb while sleeping.  And it … Continue reading

Layla’s Party

We’ve had three children in three different countries, which has given us a chance to see some interesting birth rites in each country.  Emma was our first child, and we wanted to have her in America to be close to family and just for the first experience.  And common to our North-eastern American culture, we … Continue reading


We moved this past weekend.  Not too far, just down the street, but the work involved in changing houses is incredible.  I guess that’s true if you have a lot of things.  Or maybe just if you do it yourself.  I am trying to remember how many times I’ve moved in the past.  After spending … Continue reading

Incredulity and a Car Ride Home

I had two experiences at Emma’s preschool today which gave both a reminder that I don’t really belong, and a sense of belonging. Thursdays at preschool is swim day.  The teachers set up a large inflatable pool and the kids can swim for about two hours. They are always generous with Hannah participating in special … Continue reading

The Government Bakery, Part Two

Note: For part one, click here; it was the first post Julie wrote on our blog. This post, for those concerned, was actually written before Julie gave birth, and is just being published now. I have stood in line myself by now a few times. Maybe as you read you will be more concerned, but … Continue reading

Microbus Fiasco

We have a microbus stop outside our apartment building.  What this means is that anywhere from one to twenty minivans are parked in one or two lines, just a few feet from our front door, and they snake around the corner toward the main road.  It sometimes means a lot of noise and people traffic … Continue reading