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Copts Pick Up the Pieces: An Interview with Bishop Thomas

Copts Pick Up the Pieces: An Interview with Bishop Thomas

A condensed version of this interview was first published at The Media Project on May 4, 2017. Coptic Christians, the Middle East’s largest Christian community, account for roughly ten percent of Egypt’s population and have endured generations of exclusion and restrictions. Their struggles for equality have been aggravated by a series of gruesome and deadly … Continue reading

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Russia, Floods

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Russia, Floods

God, It is sad to pray that a tragedy will have resulted from negligence. It is sad to pray about negligence that helped produce a tragedy. In the space of a week, God, Egypt witnessed both. May the former not have long term consequence. May the latter bring long term change. A Russian tourist plane … Continue reading

Church Photography by Alexandria Muslims

Church Photography by Alexandria Muslims

One of the more unique churches in Egypt is located in Alexandria, home of St. Mark’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral. St. Mark is cherished among Egyptian Christians as the apostle who brought the Gospel to Alexandria, from which it spread throughout the Nile Basin and North Africa. A ‘pro’ cathedral is a parish church that serves as … Continue reading

Muslim Creativity Comes to Church in Alexandria

This article was first posted on Christianity Today on July 19, 2012. Alexandria, Egypt, was once a lighthouse for Christianity, emanating from the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Now it is a stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood and the even more conservative Salafi Muslims. So a Christian opening a cultural center for Muslim and … Continue reading

The History of Salafism in Egypt

The title of this post requires far more than this excerpt, but Project Syndicate gives a very useful article on Egyptian Salafism: Al-Nour is one of two Egyptian Salafi groups that were organized and centralized decades ago, the other being the relatively apolitical Ansar al-Sunnah (Supporters of the Sunnah). The roots of the organization go … Continue reading

Remembering Alexandria

One year ago this evening Egypt was rocked by an explosion in Alexandria, killing twenty-one and injuring over 170, at the Two Saints’ Church in the Sidi Bishr region. One year before that, at Coptic Christmas on January 7, six Christians were killing along with a Muslim security guard at a church in Nag Hamadi, … Continue reading

Early Warning and Early Response Training in Cairo and Alexandria

Disagreements abound in every society. Properly handled, they result in consensus, healthy competition, and increased understanding between diverse groups. Improperly handled, they result in tension, conflict, and civil discord. If religious overtones come to characterize the disagreements, the effect can be even more troublesome. This negative description came to characterize relations in Nigeria, in which … Continue reading

Police Day Palpitations

Last year Egypt added a 16th day – Police Day – to its official list of public holidays. It may prove that this designation will backfire on the government. The day was created to honor the memory of fifty police officers murdered by the British in 1952, which provoked an uprising eventually leading to the … Continue reading

Preparation of Tinder: The Umraniyya Riots as a Prelude to Christian Violence following the Alexandria Bombing

Since the 1970s Christians in Egypt have felt under pressure from a perceived Islamization of society and patterns of discrimination from the government. In recent years they have registered complaints about restrictions in church building, irregularities in prosecuting crimes against their community, and other issues. Until recently, however, Christian criticism was expressed only within their … Continue reading

Contemplating a Terrorist Strike

Jayson and I attended St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church here in Maadi, Egypt on Coptic Christmas Eve.  This is not so unusual, as it is the main church we attend weekly, but this particular night was a little different.  You may have heard in the news about the suicide bomber who attacked a Coptic Church … Continue reading

The Happiest Christmas of My Life

You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy. How is Christmas held in mourning? For the Coptic community of Egypt, Christmas is traditionally a time of celebration. Midnight on Christmas Eve ends a forty-three day period of fasting, concluded during mass in which the Eucharist is served. Afterwards, families congregate and break the … Continue reading