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Who are the Copts?

Who are the Copts?

World attention has turned to the Coptic Christian community of Egypt, following the beheading of 20 of their migrant workers in Libya at the hands of the so-called Islamic State. The Coptic Orthodox Church considers them martyrs. A new icon venerates their death and their names have been added into the Synaxarion, the liturgical church … Continue reading

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Reconciliation?

God, As President Morsy settles into office, he is striking a conciliatory tone. He has announced he will appoint both a Copt and a woman to vice presidential posts. Furthermore, he is filmed frequently with the military, offering praises for the stewardship of the transition. Many scoff, God. Perhaps they have good reason. These are … Continue reading

In Aftermath of Maspero, a Muslim holds a Cross

Just to pass on briefly, with no verified authenticity or knowledge of details, here is a picture taken of a solidarity demonstration over Christian deaths at Maspero. If a Salafi, as the original link asserts, it would represent a very necessary coming together of two sides almost completely isolated from each other. May they be … Continue reading

Interview with the Maspero Youth Union

Fadi Philip is a 26 year old veterinary physician, but his priority of love and labor is as an activist with the Maspero Youth Union (MYU), for which he serves as English language media spokesman. I became acquainted with Fadi and the MYU through several visits in May during their sit-in protest at the Maspero … Continue reading

Maspero: Moving Toward a Standoff?

Yesterday while visiting the Copts at Maspero, Ramy Kamel, General Coordinator of the Maspero Youth Union, beamed with a smile on his face. ‘The sit-in will end tomorrow. They have agreed to our demands.’ Today I saw Kamel again, sitting dejectedly on the sidewalk. ‘There is one church that is not yet opened. They agreed … Continue reading