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Friday Prayers for Egypt: Election, Debt

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Election, Debt

God, Very shortly Egypt will begin two long anticipated processes. She will vote to elect a parliament, and negotiate to secure a loan. The first aims to restore a democratic institution; the second a sound economy. Bless both efforts, God. Whether virtue or vice brought Egypt to this stage, may wisdom lead her forward. Seven … Continue reading

Friday Prayers for Egypt: China, Elections

Friday Prayers for Egypt: China, Elections

God, Two fronts are brewing, and both received a push. Egypt is trying to stabilize through its economy and elections. For the first, President Sisi traveled to China and signed a number of trade agreements. For the second, just before leaving he signed into law the mechanisms for parliamentary elections. In March is scheduled a … Continue reading

On How to Draw Electoral Districts

If this seems like a boring title, read on. This article from Foreign Policy sheds much light on how Egyptian politics works, or at least used to work, and may again: The attempt to restore the Mubarak-era way of doing business reflects the nature of the coalition that backed Morsy’s removal in July. The most … Continue reading

Missing Prayers for Egypt

Apologies to all for not getting up a Friday Prayers for Egypt this past weekend. On one count I was traveling in Upper Egypt, and when I returned home I was quite fatigued and fell ill. But on another count I hardly knew what to pray for. Faithful readers of this theme will notice that … Continue reading

Elections Defacing Egypt?

Despite the muddled political scene, street violence, and general unpredictability facing Egypt, most still see the upcoming presidential elections as the lynchpin of the nation’s democratic transition. As such, there is anticipation and hopeful expectation. But there is a side of political campaigning which on a minor level does Egypt a disservice, and a good … Continue reading

Disappointment with the Brotherhood

The morning of elections, I marveled at the political acumen of the Muslim Brotherhood. By afternoon, I was disappointed. At polling stations across Egypt the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party volunteers manned tables equipped with laptop computers and logged into the voter registration system to assist confused citizens where their vote must be cast. The … Continue reading

Coptic Participation in Elections

Samir Zaki is an employee of the Egyptian National Bank, but his passion associates him with the Bishopric of Youth under the leadership of Bishop Musa, in which he encourages Coptic Christians to fully participate in society. On January 2, 2010 he was invited to present a lecture at St. Mark Church in Maadi, Cairo … Continue reading