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Evangelical Ethiopian Helps End Orthodox Schism

Evangelical Ethiopian Helps End Orthodox Schism

This article was first published at Christianity Today, on August 14. Ending 27 years of schism, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians in their homeland and in America reunited the two feuding branches of one of the world’s oldest churches. Ironically, the push came from the Horn of Africa nation’s new evangelical prime minister. “It is impossible to … Continue reading

Friends of Zion’s Christians?

Friends of Zion’s Christians?

This article was first published at Christianity Today, on December 15, 2017. American evangelicals rediscovered their brethren in the Middle East in recent years. The promise of the Arab Spring, followed by the threat of ISIS. Beheadings and other martyrdoms, followed by forgiveness. Many decided we must become better friends, and work harder for the … Continue reading

The Peacemaking Palestinian Evangelicals of Israel

The Peacemaking Palestinian Evangelicals of Israel

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concludes cantankerous negotiations to finalise his right-wing cabinet, Palestinian-Israeli evangelicals are hoping for something better. Alienated by campaign rhetoric stigmatising Arab citizens as an electoral threat, they turned in response to the source they know best: the Gospel. In doing so, they seek to reverse a disturbing trend of isolation … Continue reading

A Christian Face to the Protests

Sunday, February 6 witnessed a peculiar exhibition amidst the drama unfolding in Tahrir Square. Christian Egyptians publically conducted a prayer service, honoring their fallen co-demonstrators who have died in the effort to topple the Mubarak government. Calling them ‘martyrs’, as is common Egyptian custom to designate all who perish in a cause or as a … Continue reading


Tonight I attended the weekly service at the local international evangelical church.  We attend there sporadically, maybe once every three months, as we have been worshipping at the Orthodox Church, hoping to learn more and participate in the primary church of Egypt. Since it was the first Sunday of the month, as is typical in … Continue reading

A Protestant on Peacemaking

A little while ago I had an opportunity to dialogue with Rev. Safwat al-Bayyadi, who is the President of the Protestant Churches of Egypt. My summary of this conversation has been published on Arab West Reports, which you can access by clicking here. As I remarked once before, it is a great benefit of my … Continue reading

The Value of Monasticism

At Wednesday noontime I traveled to Shubra, Cairo to meet Fr. Basilius in the offices of the St. Mark’s Bookstore. While our meeting was ostensibly to discuss the arrangements for my stay in the Makarius Monastery, we discussed extensively the role of monasticism in the church, with an eye toward the issues of the Abu … Continue reading

Finding Church (part two)

                 Within the Arab World, no nation contains as many Christians as Egypt. As a nation there are approximately 80 million Egyptians, and it is commonly constituted that 10% of these are Christian. Yet while some Copts (the name of local Christians, and the word from with ‘Egypt’ is derived) occasionally claim that there are … Continue reading

Finding Church

The Christian who believes he belongs to God, and who wishes to belong to a particular people, must also believe he belongs to its church.                  Here in Egypt, however, that is a bit of a complicated matter.                  The church in general is multifaceted, diverse in styles, practices, doctrines, and denominations. While this has … Continue reading