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Egypt, the Election, and Sectarian Analysis

Egypt, the Election, and Sectarian Analysis

From my latest article at Egypt Source, exploring the controversial presidential election turnout: One day before the beginning of presidential elections, the Egyptian Center for Media Studies and Public Opinion (ECMSPO) published the results of a counterintuitive poll. Based on personal interviews with 10,524 citizens throughout Egypt’s governorates, they predicted a turnout of only 10 … Continue reading

Amr Darrag on the Brotherhood’s Mistakes, Sort of

Amr Darrag on the Brotherhood’s Mistakes, Sort of

From my recent article at Egypt Source: During the lead-up to the June 30 protests demanding early elections through the violent dispersal of the pro-Morsi sit-ins, several Brotherhood members spoke in vague terms of their ‘mistakes.’ It was a conciliatory gesture of sorts, admitting Morsi’s less than stellar performance but arguing this was not enough … Continue reading

More Brotherhood Doublespeak

From the Atlantic Council, following the Muslim Brotherhood’s English and Arabic discourse on Dalga, an Upper Egyptian village seized by Islamists and recently recovered by the security forces: The Muslim Brotherhood has been quick to roll the Dalga raid into an on-going crackdown on the organization and its supporters, but has once again offered different … Continue reading

Amr Hamzawy on the MB Shadow Government

From Arabist, translating an article by political commentator and liberal politician Amr Hamzawy: The bifurcation of Egypt’s government into an official and unofficial administration – as has been noted before – is at the root of a serious crisis that is blighting the chances for democratic transition and the rule of law. One half of … Continue reading

MB Leader’s Teenage Son Killed in Mob Violence

A horrible account of vigilantism mixed with politics, from Ahram Online: Security sources told Ahram Online that hundreds of El-Qataweya village residents ransacked the house of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leader, Rabie Lasheen, in the early hours of Friday, setting his furniture and three cars on fire apart from killing his son. Revenge was … Continue reading

An Unnecessary Constitution

An Unnecessary Constitution

From my recent article on Arab West Report: The new Egyptian constitution was unnecessary from the start, says Ragy Sulayman of the Free Egyptians Party (FEP). The 1971 constitution, with added amendments, would have served just fine. Sulayman is the founding lawyer who brought the liberal FEP into existence following the January 25 revolution. A … Continue reading

Jon Stewart on Morsi and Bassem Youssef

Fans of Jon Stewart probably have already seen this video, but here is a ten minute segment in which he lambasts Egypt’s president for the arrest warrant given to his friend, and clone, Bassem Youssef. It is quite funny, and biting, as is the exchange of criticism issued by the US Embassy in Cairo, the … Continue reading

Friday Prayers for Egypt: An FJP Ezba?

Friday Prayers for Egypt: An FJP Ezba?

God, Protests this week were stronger, safer, but the symbolic divide was wider. It remains to be seen who has the momentum. As thousands filled Tahrir Square to protest lack of social justice and an unrepresentative Islamist constitution, they introduced a uniquely Egyptian term to the English speaking world. ‘Egypt is not an ezba,’ they … Continue reading

Confrontrations Brewing between Brotherhood and Military

Early results of the presidential elections show Morsy the likely victor, with a small 51% to 48% margin. Official results will not be issued until Thursday, though Morsy has declared victory. Shafik is mostly silent, though he protests Morsy’s declaration. As news of Morsy’s victory was emerging, the military council issued a supplementary constitutional declaration. … Continue reading

The Goal of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood is a difficult subject to tackle. Some of this is the fault of others – there appears to be significant bias against them in many quarters. Some of this is their own fault – they are a closed organization accountable to no government oversight. Some of it is due to the nature … Continue reading

How MB-Evangelical Dialogue Began

On February 28, 2012 the leaders of the Evangelical Churches of Egypt met with the Muslim Brotherhood, and produced a document delineating the shared values of both organizations. About a month ago I posted the text of this agreement online. Today, my article was published on Christianity Today, drawing out from leaders on both sides … Continue reading

Is a Man as Good as his Political Islamic Word?

Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to visit the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Muqattam area of Cairo. I interviewed their official spokesman, Mahmoud Ghozlan about a recent document of principles agreed upon by the Brotherhood and the leadership of the Evangelical Churches of Egypt. It is a very interesting document, and I … Continue reading

Understanding Egypt’s Elections

Egypt’s first free elections in over thirty years did not err on the side of simplicity. Even so, this did not deter massive national participation and excitement, as 54% of the nation lined up for hours on the street to cast their ballot. Many, however, admitted to having little knowledge about the political process, enabling … Continue reading