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Friday Prayers for Egypt: Pending Trials

God, The nation has settled into the reality of an election between the Brotherhood and a figure from the old regime. They have not settled in happily, nor have they particularly made up their mind. But as the candidates negotiate for support and endorsements, seeking the middle as they only last week were seeking their … Continue reading

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Endorsement

God, As Egypt’s presidential elections grow closer, parties are beginning to choose sides. In a moment to celebrate, however, Egypt hosted its first ever televised presidential debate. The two leading candidates squared off for nearly four hours in an effort to win the endorsement of ordinary citizens. One of these candidates, the revolutionary somewhat liberal … Continue reading

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Eligibility

God, Egypt grows more interesting by the day. The Muslim Brotherhood enters the presidential fray despite earlier assurances otherwise. A Salafi candidate teeters on the brink of disqualification on the technicality his mother may have obtained US citizenship late in her life. Yet all is trumped by the candidacy of Mubarak’s crisis-appointed vice president and … Continue reading

Friend’s Brother Killed by US Drone

I should take care with a word like ‘friend’. It may well be this line of work promotes a false intimacy between the subject and the interviewer. My goal is to learn, to honor, and then to share. A friendship, however, is self-contained; others may be invited in, but there is never an inside-out. If … Continue reading