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Should Christians Praise Partial Religious Freedom?

Should Christians Praise Partial Religious Freedom?

This article was first published in the June print edition of Christianity Today. …The tension over praising limited gains is also a factor in Uzbekistan, a Muslim-majority secular nation whose citizens have the right to convert but which the United States has designated a Country of Particular Concern (CPC) since 2006 over religious freedom violations. … Continue reading

What Jordan’s Evangelicals Think of Templeton Winner King Abdullah’s Interfaith Acclaim

What Jordan’s Evangelicals Think of Templeton Winner King Abdullah’s Interfaith Acclaim

This article was first published at Christianity Today on July 2, 2018. Photo by Pietro Naj-Oleari/© European Union 2015 – European Parliament/Creative Commons   For his lifelong commitment to religious peace, King Abdullah II of Jordan recently became the second Muslim ever to win the prestigious, $1.4 million Templeton Prize. And Jordan’s Christian minority is … Continue reading

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Accountable

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Accountable

God, It was too big a disaster. After 16 security personnel were killed in an ambush in the Western desert, several top police and military brass took the fall. Among them, Sisi’s son’s father-in-law, the chief-of-staff. The message is powerful: All are accountable. It was too big an opportunity. After contentious debate about two islands … Continue reading

US Congressman Advocates ‘Limited Voting Power’

Does the phrase used in the title of this post suggest images of dictatorships restricting the rights of its people? Perhaps instead the decline of representative democracy in the face of big business and multinational corporations? On the contrary, it is the positive suggestion issued by a US congressman, though fortunately, concerning no one in … Continue reading

Motivational Strategy: Comparison

I like many things about Egyptian culture, and am happy to be raising our children here, but one aspect of the way many Egyptians interact with children has been grating on me recently.  This is something I have noticed in Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt, so it may be safe to say it is a tendency … Continue reading


We moved this past weekend.  Not too far, just down the street, but the work involved in changing houses is incredible.  I guess that’s true if you have a lot of things.  Or maybe just if you do it yourself.  I am trying to remember how many times I’ve moved in the past.  After spending … Continue reading

The Problem of Dialect – Part Two

The strange thing about different language dialects is that the most basic words you use everyday differ from country to country.  I remember Jayson telling me this after his experience in Mauritania.  He would say, “The words for bread, water, and house are different in the Mauritanian dialect than in other dialects, but the deeper … Continue reading

The Problem of Dialect

We have lived in a few different Arabic-speaking countries now, and we aren’t sure if this has been good or bad for our Arabic skills. We started off in Jordan for two years where we studied the Jordanian dialect as well as the Modern Standard Arabic which is what people read and write, but rarely … Continue reading