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A Bobby Riggs – Billie Jean King Moment in Egypt

A Bobby Riggs – Billie Jean King Moment in Egypt

From Ahram Online, reporting on an friendly ‘Battle of the Sexes’ soccer game in Luxor: The Egyptian women’s youth team has defeated a men’s team in a friendly match in Luxor. The women beat Al-Madina Al-Monawara, an under-17 team, 5-3 on Wednesday. The woman’s team was also under 17, so while it was a game … Continue reading

Touring Egypt with Egyptians

Our family recently had the privilege to go on a Nile tour from Luxor to Aswan.  With my parents visiting from the US, one of the sites my Dad wanted to see was the Valley of the Kings.  At first we said it was too far to try, but then Jayson heard our local Orthodox … Continue reading

Instability in Upper Egypt, Experienced

Ever since the revolution Egypt has suffered / benefited from waves of popular protest. The expressions in Tahrir Square were largely political, yet included a significant expression of social and economic discontent. The original chant which rang through the streets demanded, ‘Bread, Freedom, and Social Justice.’ Most focus since the revolution has been on political … Continue reading