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Friday Prayers for Egypt: Blind Threat

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Blind Threat

God, As one era passes, another begins. One died, and then two others. There is no connection, save a pernicious idea. Defeat it, God, and save the people – target and targetter alike. Far away in America, the Blind Sheikh passed away after many years of incarceration. Linked to terrorism in the first World Trade … Continue reading

The Islamist Theology of Protesting

The Islamist Theology of Protesting

The demonstrations and violence surrounding the anti-Muhammad film Innocence of Muslims reveals two worlds which could not be further apart. The West cherishes freedom of expression and allows religious ideas to be subject to debate, denial, and even ridicule. Meanwhile, efforts to enshrine blasphemy provisions in Egypt’s new constitution are well underway, surely to receive a … Continue reading

Escalating Pressure for the Blind Sheikh

On Thursday, July 26, the family of Omar Abdel Rahman ratcheted up their rhetoric in their awareness campaign to free their father. The family issued five demands to President Morsy and invited speakers to comment, some of whom threatened America harshly. Otherwise known as the ‘Blind Sheikh’, Abdel Rahman is imprisoned in America for involvement … Continue reading

Morsy at Tahrir

Amid the celebrations, and worry, over Egypt’s new president, there has been a small crisis over where President-elect Morsy will swear his oath of office. The military’s supplemental constitutional declaration says that in lieu of parliament, he must swear in at the Supreme Constitutional Court. Many Islamists, however, fail to recognize this declaration and the … Continue reading

Does God Permit a Muslim to Break a Promise?

The Muslim Brotherhood set Egyptian politics ablaze recently with their decision to nominate their chief financier, Khairat al-Shater, for the presidency. Though he has since been disqualified, they continue to run with their backup candidate, Mohamed Morsy. All political groups recognize the right of the group to do so but many have criticized them harshly, … Continue reading

Friend’s Brother Killed by US Drone

I should take care with a word like ‘friend’. It may well be this line of work promotes a false intimacy between the subject and the interviewer. My goal is to learn, to honor, and then to share. A friendship, however, is self-contained; others may be invited in, but there is never an inside-out. If … Continue reading