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Update from Mhardeh, Syria

In my recent article for Christianity Today, I described one of the strategies Middle Eastern Christians are employing to face the threat from ISIS: Fight. Sometimes, though, talking isn’t enough. This reality has driven Syrian pastor Maan Bitar to urge his congregation to take up arms and fight. His Presbyterian congregation is among the 22,000 … Continue reading

Christians Question Obama’s ISIS Strategy

Christians Question Obama’s ISIS Strategy

From my recent article in MENA Source: In his efforts to build a coalition to strike militarily Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) targets in Iraq and Syria, President Barack Obama has been careful to avoid an overly religious discourse. Part of his appeal, however, is for the protection of Christians and other religious … Continue reading

175 Leaders Urge US Support in Christianity’s Historical Heartland; Egyptian Churches Not So Sure

175 Leaders Urge US Support in Christianity’s Historical Heartland; Egyptian Churches Not So Sure

From my latest article in Christianity Today, published May 9, 2014: More than 175 Christian leaders crossed denominational and political divides this week to urge the United States government to do more to help the rapidly diminishing, historic Christian populations of Syria, Iraq, and Egypt. The solidarity pledge—signed by National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) president … Continue reading

The Syrian State of Play

Here is a link to a well organized and concise description of the different actors present in the ongoing Syrian conflict, from War on the Rocks. If you would like a good primer, it is worth your time to read. Keeping up with the news reports and ever-changing developments is difficult. Here is the general … Continue reading

What Path will Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Choose?

Three options are presented in an excellent and thorough analysis from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. I will excerpt the conclusions for each, but the whole article is worth reading. If you would like to skip over the quotations for my brief commentary, please scroll down to the end. First, on the possibility of … Continue reading

Syria: Evidence, Prayer, and Activism

Syria: Evidence, Prayer, and Activism

I confess to not following every detail that emerges about the crisis in Syria, and ask patience from those who have who can bring more to bear in this brief post. Please comment freely. But in searching briefly for a presentation of the evidence tying the recent chemical weapons attack to the Syrian government, I … Continue reading

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Syria Shades

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Syria Shades

God, Egypt is taking a critical turn. The army has requested protests in its support, to combat ‘terrorism’. The Brotherhood and pro-Morsi demonstrators remain defiant, populating sit-ins and resisting calls to dialog with plotters of a ‘coup’. And the judiciary has opened investigations against Morsi and other Islamists for ‘crimes’ stretching back to the original … Continue reading

Christians in Syria

From Middle East Concern: Thousands of Syrians, including large numbers of Christians, have fled from their homes, especially in the Homs and Hama governorates and more recently Damascus and Aleppo. There have been reports of the targeting of Christians by both government and opposition sides. Several prominent Syrian Christians have been killed recently, including Defense … Continue reading

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria: Covenant and Charter

Egypt’s revolution, however noble and good, has been fraught with propaganda, manipulation, and conspiracy. Deciphering truth from falsehood is a near impossible task; distinguishing the ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys’ is a landscape of shifting sand. At least Egypt is not Syria. There as well these complications exist, but with new reports of killing … Continue reading

Making Sense of Syria

Much of the world has been aghast at news coming out of Syria, as the demonstrations now common in much of the Arab world have been brutally suppressed. Government sources, however, claim they are fighting an armed insurgency. Media, notably, has been blocked from the country, lending credibility to the idea that the government has … Continue reading

America Accused of Promoting Sectarian Tension

Today, the Deputy Prime Minister, Yahia al-Gamal, publically accused the United States and Israel of fermenting sectarian tension in Egypt. This was on the heels of a similar statement made by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Though it was not their only commenton the matter, which included introspection and self-critique, it continues a … Continue reading